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What is UR?

UR is a semipublic institution that provides housing without the high move-in fees like most private apartments in Japan. It stands for Urban Renaissance, and as of lately, it is attracting a lot of attention. You have probably seen their commercials on TV. UR DEA~~~RU!!!

In this article, we will introduce the benefits of UR apartments as well as the necessary conditions when moving in.

What are the benefits of UR?

UR apartments have many benefits such as NO key money, NO commission fee, NO guarantor fee, NO insurance fee, NO key change fee, and NO advance rent or maintenance fee, so compared to private apartments all you need to pay at the time of the contract is 2 months deposit and a prorated rent and maintenance fee.

Moreover, there is NO renewal fee like most private apartments, so the longer you live in a UR apartment the more you save. Also, depending on the property, UR gives discounts to those under 35 years of age as well as to those living with children. FREE rent campaigns are also offered on select properties.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of UR is its clarity, its transparency, and its fairness.

With UR apartments, there are no discrimination. As long as you meet the necessary requirements, anyone can rent a UR apartment.

Click HERE to view a list of all the UR apartments on our site.

Necessary conditions to move into a UR apartment

As mentioned earlier, foreigners like Japanese are allowed to rent a UR apartment as long as they meet the following conditions.

  1. Monthly Income

  2. Mid to Long Term Visa (short term visa not allowed)

  3. Not a member of a criminal organization or related to a gangster

Any applicant must earn a monthly income of at least 4 times the rent for any property under 62,500 JPY per month.

For a property that is between 62,500 JPY and 249,999 JPY per month, an applicant that is planning to live alone must earn a monthly income of at least 250,000 JPY and for those planning to live with a partner, a friend or a family member will need to earn a monthly income of at least 330,000 JPY.

For a property that is 250,000 JPY and above, any applicant must earn a monthly income of at least 400,000 JPY.

Click HERE to view a list of all the UR apartments on our site.

Process of moving into a UR apartment

  1. Visit our site and inquire about a UR apartment

  2. View the UR apartment with one of our bilingual agents

  3. If you like the UR apartment, our agent will call the UR office and reserve the room for you

  4. Prepare the following documents for you will need to submit them on the day of the contract (residence certificate and tax certificate from city office, income certificate from your employer)

  5. Sign contract and make payment

  6. Our agent will help you set up utilities and recommend you an internet company and moving company with English speaking staff

  7. Pick up keys to your new UR apartment

  8. Register your new address at the nearest city office

Take the first step and click HERE to view a list of all the UR apartments on our site.


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