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Choose How Much You Want to Spend on Commission Fee

Real estate agents have lots of tasks to do everyday,

but the 4 main ones are:

1) search for properties

2) view properties with clients

3) explain the details of the contract and sign contract with clients

4) support clients with housing issues once they've settled in


Because explaining the details of the contract is very important, we ask for 25% of commission fee,

but the rest we leave it up to you.

Searching for Properties

Fill out our inquiry form and we will slash off 25% OFF the commission fee when you sign a contract with us. 

Or send us links to properties that you are interested in from Suumo or Homes or other portal real estate websites and we will also slash off 25% OFF the commission fee when you sign a contract with us.


Viewing Properties

Some of our clients prefer to view properties alone without an agent tagging along because they want to take their time when choosing the right apartment or house. So for those who prefer to go solo, we'll slash off 25% OFF the commission fee. 


Supporting with Housing Issues

Some of our clients are fluent in Japanese or they have friends or colleagues that are Japanese, so when a housing problem arises such as lost key or water leakage or termination notice they can solve it by themselves without the help of an agent. That is why we want to let you choose if you need our after follow support or not. Without it, we will slash off another 25% OFF the commission fee.


Save Up to 75% OFF Commission Fee

Most real estate companies will charge you 100% of the monthly rent plus tax as a commission fee. However, at Rent 365 Tokyo we let you choose how much you want to save.

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