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Our Commission Fee System @ Rent 365 Tokyo

Real estate agents have lots of tasks to do everyday, but the four main ones are:

1) search for properties

2) view properties with clients

3) explain the details of the contract to the clients

4) support clients with any housing issues after signing the contract

Because explaining the details of the contract is very important, we ask for 25% of the commission fee, but the rest we leave it up to our clients.

For instance, if our client doesn't mind viewing properties alone without our agents showing them around, we will discount 25% off the commission fee. Actually, some of our clients prefer seeing apartments or houses alone because they don't feel rushed and instead can take more time inspecting the property. However, please understand that some owners do not want clients to view their properties alone without an agent being present, so in such cases we cannot offer 25% off the commission fee.

That said, there are still other ways our clients can receive a discount. The simplest way is to fill out our inquiry form. Honestly, it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to complete the form, and it will help us better understand what our clients are looking for in a property, so that we can custom search apartments or houses specifically to that client's needs. If our client has already filled a similar form from another agency, send us that form instead and we will still give you 25% off the commission fee. Even links to interested properties searched from other realestate websites such as Suumo or Homes will do as well.

Lastly, for those who want to save the maximum 50~75% off the commission fee and do not need our help setting up utilities and internet, informing to management company about lost key or water leakage, or even filling out the termination notice we will discount another 25% off the commission fee. For a full list of our services, please check our blog.

Most real estate companies charge 100% of the monthly rent plus tax as a commission fee. However, at Rent 365 Tokyo we let our clients choose how much they want to save.


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